Smoky Mountain Scenic Drive

Thank you to Aaron Granger for providing us with maps and turn by turn directions for the drive.

Overview Map

Scenic Drive Map

Turn by Turn Map

Scenic Drive Map

Turn by Turn Directions

  Depart the staging area at the base of Fontana Dam
Trip: 0.0 mile
7.7 miles to next turn
Turn right from the lower dam access road onto 28 towards the Dragon
(Reset your trip meter as you take this turn)
Trip: 7.6 mile
14.9 miles to next turn
Turn right onto US 129 (State 115) aka the Dragon
Trip: 22.4 mile
16.8 miles to next turn
Turn right onto Foothills Parkway - Do Not Speed
This is a federal land and tickets can easily reach $500!
Trip: 25.9 or 37.7 mile Scenic Overlooks - Great kodak moments
Trip: 39.1 mile
4.7 miles ot next turn
At the end of the Foothills Parkway, Turn Right onto US-321 (State 73)
aka The Smoky Mountain Highway
Trip: 43.5 mile Drive through Kinzel Springs and Sunshine to the Apple Valley Kitchen
Stop for Lunch
Trip: 43.5 mile Turn right out of driveway and continue on US 321 (TN 73)
Get gas in next few miles (BP station on left at 45.7)
No gas for the next 2 hours after this
Trip: 46.3 mile
2.3 miles ot next turn
Continue straight through the lights in Townsend and Bethel.
TN 73 will turn left, but you will CONTINUE STRAIGHT
Trip: 48.5 mile
17.4 miles to next turn
Turn left on Cades Cove Road (aka Old TN 73 and/or Little River Road)
Follow the sign to Gatlinburg
Trip: 65.7 mile
31.5 miles to next turn
Turn right onto US 441 (aka TN 71)
Trip: 72.2 mile Good video opportunity if someone wants to run ahead of the pack and stand on the left side of the road adter the second tunnel. The road loops over itself and if all the cars are packed together, it makes for a great shot looking down at all the cars
Trip: 78.4 mile Scenic Overlook - 30 cars are a tight squeeze
Trip: 97.7 mile
5.4 mile to next turn
Turn right onto US 19 (aka Ela Road)
Trip 103.0 mile
1.7 mile to next turn
Turn left onto Hyatt Creek Road ( a 45 degree left turn)
Trip: 104.7 mile
11 miles to next turn
Take US 74 West (aka Great Smoky Mountain Expressway)
It merges into NC 28 and Highway 19W
Trip: 115.4 mile
21.4 miles to next turn
Bear right onto NC 28 (aka Fontana Road)
Trip: 135.4 mile
1 mile to Fontana
Turn left at the stop sign to Fontana